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SKOLA English (倫敦、Exeter)

學校名稱:SKOLA English


【學校簡介】英語課程一般時段為每星期上午及下午教授 (每星期20小時),Skola特數設有下午開始上課的英文課程 (每星期15小時),亦設有親子課程,家長與學生也可在倫敦兩個相距不遠的校園上英文課,學生最低年齡可三歲起。

Our English Language courses range from 3 year olds to adults and are available across southern England, all year round. We are proud of our range of courses. These include parent and child courses in London, learning in forest schools, learning in the sites of London, country sports like sailing and horseriding, or performance courses with Royal theatre organisations.

An English course with SKOLA can be your launch pad to a new career, the key to passing a crucial test or a taster for entry to our academic year schools. There you can follow the International Baccalaureate or the English National Curriculum and start a new life path full of opportunities.