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Tiramu Boys' High School (寄宿男校)

學校名稱: Tiramu Boys' High School
學校位置:211 North Street, Timaru, Private Bag 903, Timaru 7940


提供課程:  Year 9 - 15 (ages 12 - 19 years),課外活動有小型飛機駕駛訓練

Video視頻: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX4JMqbKf2c



Established in 1880, Timaru Boys' High School is a state secondary school for boys from Year 9 - 15 (ages 12 - 19 years).

The school educates around 700 boys and has a strong academic and sporting tradition. It is committed to the academic and personal development of every student.

Staff are experienced, thoroughly qualified and fully involved in the life of the school. Eighty staff are employed in the school including teachers, administration, support and hostel staff.

Senior classes range in size from 10 to 25 students.


Timaru Boys' High School is a signatory to the Government's International Student Code of Practice for the Care of International Students.

A boarding hostel, Thomas House, is attached to the school. Up to 100 boys live there during the four school terms.

There are many proven advantages in attending a boys school. Boys are less distracted, produce better academic performances and participate enthusiastically in sporting and cultural activities. They are not so susceptible to peer pressure, conflict is reduced and leadership roles are increased.

A boys' school reflects the structures and traditions that boys need to understand their place in the world.